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We provide modern data-driven solutions for electrostatic discharge (ESD) mitigation.

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StatIQ™ ESD Monitoring System

The patent pending StatIQ ESD Monitoring System measures the real time electrostatic charge on a user with an unobstructive wearable device. The StatIQ Band emits audible alarms when the user is charged above programmable thresholds, as well as when a potentially damaging electrostatic discharge occurs. Meanwhile, data is streamed to various back ends for analysis. A QC manager who is in charge of ESD mitigation can access the exact ESD history of all personnel along with customizable alarms via a browser based dashboard

-IONA Tech-

Meet Our Team


Founders Daan Stevenson, Jon Tapson, and William Goethals hold advanced degrees in Aerospace and Electrical Engineering, and have an extensive history of bringing complex instrumentation products to market.

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