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Visualize and track your electrostatic discharge data
with StatIQ Band

StatIQ Band from low angle
Three images different screens in StatIQ App

You simply cannot be sure if the money you’re spending is actually working to improve your product yield. This is why the StatIQ Band is so impressive. It makes it incredibly easy to track and evaluate your ESD mitigation process whenever you want – even continuously if you like. The StatIQ Band is also surprisingly affordable!

Traditional ESD controls do not provide continuous validation that your mitigation efforts are working.

The smartest money you’ll ever spend on ESD mitigation

The StatIQ Band by IONA Tech is a true game-changer in the fight against electrostatic discharge (ESD). If you’re involved in electronics quality control or ESD mitigation, our breakthrough product is the smartest investment you will make all year.

Priced at just $1,199, the StatIQ Band costs half as much as a single visit from an ESD auditor.

So, even if you only use it to measure ESD once a quarter, your ROI would be 25x ROI over 3 years! And if you prefer not to change your ESD audit schedule, it’s still a great way to fill in gaps in compliance measurements in between auditor visits.

Stop battling ESD in the dark

The StatIQ Band is a wearable device that lets you accurately measure conditions for ESD simply by walking around a production facility! There’s simply no better way to measure your ESD mitigation efforts and keep electronic components out of harm’s way.


If you work with electronic components, you know how important it is to protect them from electrostatic discharge. But up to now, there hasn’t been a good way to confirm if the methods you’re using to control ESD are working or not. That means – whether you’re manufacturing components or buying them from a third party – you’re operating in the dark!


Keep your electronics safe

The StatIQ Band is an easy and affordable way to ensure that your ESD process will actually prevent latent electronics damage. You just strap it to your arm, turn it on, and start to continuously gauge and monitor all the static charge around you.

StatIQ™ Band lets you:

  • Audit ESD-protected areas (EPAs) quickly to identify:

    • On-body triboelectric charge​

    • Any charged insulators in the environment

  • Train your staff on how to mitigate electrostatic charge more easily 

  • Use alarms to maintain ESD compliance without constantly being tethered


StatIQ™ Dashboards provide:

  • Instant alerts when ESD controls are not working properly

  • True stop-the-line Quality Control  ​

  • Traceable data for proving ESD compliance for high-value assets​ like satellites

Image of a computer monitor with the StatIQ Dashboard on display. A factory is in the background

StatIQ™ Band is trusted by a who’s who of tech brands

Interested in learning more about the StatIQ Band?

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