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We provide modern data-driven solutions for electrostatic discharge (ESD) mitigation.

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StatIQ™ Band

Smaller and lighter than a pack of cards, the StatIQ™ Band is worn on the upper arm and offers:

  • Untethered verification of existing ESD mitigation systems

  • Prevention of electronic damage in non-ESD-protected areas

  • Detection of ESD hotspots throughout the factory environment

  • On-body measurement of ESD events (an industry first)

  • ±10V accuracy (devices are individually calibrated)

  • Adjustable settings such as audio alarm thresholds

  • Mobile and web apps to continuously display the wearer's body voltage in real time, and gather actionable ESD data for enterprise level analysis

  • Added ESD protection in hazardous petrochemical or pyrotechnic environments.

-IONA Tech-

Meet Our Team


Founders Daan Stevenson, Jon Tapson, and William Goethals hold advanced degrees in Aerospace and Electrical Engineering, and have an extensive history of bringing complex instrumentation products to market.

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