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We provide modern data-driven solutions for electrostatic discharge (ESD) mitigation.

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Traditional ESD controls don't provide any continuous validation...
... meaning you can't be sure these dollars are actually working to improve your product yield.


IONA Tech's StatIQ System ensures your process prevents latent electronics damage.
  Finally closing the loop on ESD.

  • Quickly audit an entire ESD Protected Area (EPA) and identify:

    • On-body triboelectric charge​

    • Any charged insulators in the environment

  • Easily build intuition about electrostatic charge, useful for training personnel

  • Use alarms to maintain ESD compliance without constantly being tethered

StatIQ™ Band

StatIQ™ Dashboard

  • Get alerted instantly upon ESD control lapses

    • Enables stop-the-line QC ​

  • Traceable data that proves ESD compliance

    • Deliver along with high value assets​ (e.g. satellites)


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