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Meet the wearable that’s revolutionizing ESD mitigation

Find out how it's possible to measure body voltage without a tether to ground!

Video Demo

Wearable Hardware

Wirelessly measure human body voltage.

  • Resolution equivalent to 10 V body potential

  • Audible alarms when threshold exceeded or ESD events occur (as low as 100 V discharge)

  • Complete mobility while moving around the workplace

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Mobile App

Collect real-time voltage measurements from the StatIQ Band over Bluetooth. 

  • Assess voltage history with various time scales

  • Enable alarms plus change voltage alarm thresholds and volumes

  • Download time history of voltage and ESD data in CSV format for analysis

Mobile App

StatIQ Dashboard

Let us install a mesh network of data hubs throughout your facility.

  • Collect real-time voltage measurements from all StatIQ Bands over Bluetooth and aggregate data for analysis in the cloud​​

  • Log temperature and humidity data plus record alarms when programmable thresholds are exceeded

  • Log in from any browser to analyze StatIQ System data

  • Set up email or SMS notifications with customizable alarm conditions

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