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We’ve cracked the code on ESD


The Problem

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) in electronics manufacturing can damage sensitive circuits and compromise product quality and reliability. In hazardous environments where the ignition of flammable or explosive materials can occur, ESD can actually be catastrophic. Up until now, ESD-prevention products hampered users’ mobility, were not sufficiently reliable and failed to provide actionable data.


Our Solution

Technicians and engineers wear the StatIQ Band on their arm to measure their own electrostatic charge as well as nearby charged insulators. An alarm goes off whenever a given body voltage threshold is exceeded or an electrostatic discharge occurs – even physically imperceptible charges as low as 100V. You can analyze your data in a mobile app or aggregate it for analysis in a cloud-based dashboard that lets Quality Assurance managers monitor ESD conditions and incidents in the workplace like never before.

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Award & Achievements

IONA Tech kicked off its research into ESD mitigation in 2020 after being awarded a Phase I SBIR Grant from the National Science Foundation. In 2021, the company received an Advanced Industries Grant from CO OEDIT to commercialize its novel electrostatic-sensing technology.

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