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Chief Technology Officer

Jonathan Tapson, Ph.D.


Daan Stevenson, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Daan has a background in mechanical and aerospace engineering. During his doctoral research, he studied the high voltage charging of spacecraft, which are electrical capacitors in the same way that the human body is. While working to design an automated ground station for UAVs, he frequently damaged electrical components from electrostatic shocks. This is where the idea of a wireless antistatic device for ESD mitigation originated.

Email: daan@iona.tech


Jonathan Tapson, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

Jonathan acted as Professor of Electrical Engineering at Western Sydney University before moving to Telluride in 2016. He spent his early career conducting sensor and instrumentation research, with a strong industrial focus. During this time he spun out three companies from his research, all of which are successful today. His specialties include low-noise circuits and systems design, mechatronic design and the integration of machine learning into real-time systems.

Email: jon@iona.tech

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